Sunday, March 30, 2008

KRVM's Breakfast With The Blues Sunday 3-30-08 Play List

We now have links to five days of play lists. The play lists are for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. The links are on both the BWTB web site and the BWTB MySpace page.
Here is the play list for Breakfast With The Blues show for Sunday (7AM until 11AM Pacific time) March 30, 2008. The BWTB show is broadcast by KRVM (Eugene, Oregon USA) and features 20 hours of blues programming a week. Our triple-A (8AM 5 PM) format now features at least one blues song an hour. I am also a member of the Rainy Day Blues Society. Links below. Stop by and check it out.
Themes...a bunch today...did a long telephone Oregon based musician set...a short "foreign" blues guitarist set...a Coco Montoya set (he is coming to the area) and as always a lot of new tunes. Played 56 tunes.
Our internet stream remains off. The WORD is that we can expect it back shortly!! This is GOOD News!
Constructive criticism accepted. Suggestions accepted. Compliments very much accepted! ;-)

* Indicates performing in the area soon.
% Indicates a requested song.
+ Indicates new to the station within the last five months.

I would like to thank all of the performers and record companies
that have sent CDs to the station...WOW!! Keep'em coming.
Information at the bottom of this post.
  1. James Harman-Phonebill Blues
  2. Maurice John Vaughan-The Telephone Is Running My Life
  3. Floyd Dixon-Long Distance Telephone Blues
  4. Johnny Otis-Telephone baby
  5. William Clarke-Telephone Is Ringing
  6. Robert Cray-Phone Booth
  7. Vaughan Brothers-Telephone Song
  8. Son Seals-Telephone Angel
  9. Kid Ramos-Walk Around Telephone Blues
  10. Lynwood Slim-Reach For Your Telephone
  11. Muddy Waters-Long Distance Call
  12. +Moreland & Arbuckle-See My Jumper Hangin' On The Line
  13. Root Doctor-Mississippi Blues
  14. +Ray Bonneville-Run Jolee Run
  15. +Richard Ray Farrell/Marco Pandolfi-Stuck On The Blues
  16. Robin Rogers-Savannah Poppa
  17. Rory Block-Rowdy Blues
  18. Curtis Salgado/Terry Robb-Drop Down Mama
  19. Paul deLay-Could We Just Shoot Your Husband
  20. David Vest-Runnin' Partner
  21. Paul deLay-All Cried Out
  22. +Kevin Selfe-Whiskey And Wimmen
  23. +Bruce Fremont-Gonna make You My Baby
  24. +Big Al Carter-Mother In Law Blues
  25. +Boogie Bone-Cheatin' Heart Broken Man
  26. +Legendary Rhythm & Blues Revue-If It Ain't Me
  27. Fiona Boyes-Stranger In Your Eyes
  28. +Henry Cooper-Good Bye Blues
  29. Johnny Adams-Fortune Teller
  30. Ryan Shaw-Looking For A Love
  31. James Hunter-No Smoke Without Fire
  32. Little Milton-Grits Ain't Groceries
  33. +TommyK-Let Your Fingers Bleed
  34. +J Sintoni-Swing Out This
  35. +Arsen Shomakhov-Hard Way
  36. *Coco Montoya-Love Gotcha
  37. Tommy Castro-A Good Fool Is Hard To Find
  38. Debbie Davies-I Got That Feeling
  39. *Coco Montoya-Talkin' Woman Blues
  40. +William Clarke-Ice Cream Man
  41. +RJ Mischo-Who's Out There
  42. +Marcia Ball-Watermelon Time
  43. +Jeff Healy-Mess Of Blues
  44. +Catherine Russell-I've Got The Thing
  45. +Michael Burks-Love Disease
  46. +Dennis Gruenling-As Long As I Have You
  47. Jamie Wood-In My Girlish Days
  48. +Mike Schermer (Ball/Strehli/Barton)-Still A Fool
  49. +Motor City Sheiks-Your Place Lounge
  50. +Eric Bibb-Pockets
  51. *Coco Montoya-Three Sides To Every Story
  52. +The Strikes-She's Dynamite
  53. *The Vipers/Deb Cleveland-I Ain't Drunk I've Just been Drinkin'
  54. +Maurizio Pugno/Sugar Ray Norcia-Take It All Back Baby
  55. Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater-Suzie Q
  56. +Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater-Rock A Blues Baby
Any CDs that you wish to submit may be mailed to
Breakfast With Blues
1574 Coburg Rd - PMB 237
Eugene, OR 97401

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