Thursday, April 10, 2008

Breakfast With the Blues Play List Thursday 4-10-08

We now have links to five days of play lists. The play lists are for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. The links are on both the BWTB web site and the BWTB MySpace page.
Here is the play list for Breakfast With The Blues show for Thursday (7AM until 11AM Pacific time) April 10, 2008. The BWTB show is broadcast by KRVM (Eugene, Oregon USA) and features 20 hours of blues programming a week. Our triple-A (8AM 5 PM) format now features at least one blues song an hour. I am also a member of the Rainy Day Blues Society. Links below. Stop by and check it out.
Themes...we are in our membership drive so there were no themes. I was sitting in for Greg as he is out of town. All of those of you out there can call at 1-800-285-2895 or 687-KRVM or go on line at and make a pledge for BWTB and KRVM. The support of blues and of this radio station that plays the blues is important! Record labels, artists and talent agencies...we sure would like to hear from you! Any amount is cool!! Remember...we do blues 7 days a week. Played 34 tunes.
Our internet stream remains off. The WORD is that we can expect it back shortly!! This is GOOD News!
Constructive criticism accepted. Suggestions accepted. Compliments very much accepted! ;-)

* Indicates performing in the area soon.
% Indicates a requested song.
+ Indicates new to the station within the last five months.

I would like to thank all of the performers and record companies
that have sent CDs to the station...WOW!! Keep'em coming.
Information at the bottom of this post.
  1. Etta James-Ain't That Lovin' You baby
  2. +Alberta Adams-Dr. Blues
  3. Eddie Campbell-I been Thinking
  4. +Eden Brent-Meet You Anywhere
  5. Fenton Robinson-Texas Flood
  6. +Harrison Kennedy-High Country Blues
  7. Irma Thomas-Dr. Feelgood
  8. +Jimmy Hall-Salty
  9. Muddy Waters-Mannish Boy
  10. Ralph Bassinger-Takin' Jimmy Home
  11. *The Vipers/Deb Cleveland-Wild Women Don't Have The Blues
  12. +*Jerry Zybach-Cuppers Road
  13. +*David Jacobs-Strain-Black Glass Butterfly
  14. Walker T Ryan-Black Velvet Elvis
  15. +Mary Flower-Jesse's Jump
  16. *Adam Scramstad-Silver City
  17. +Insomniacs-Serves Me Right
  18. +Boogie Bone-Weekend Blues
  19. Tommy Castro-Right As Rain
  20. Kelley Hunt-New Shade Of Blue
  21. James Harman-Decisions
  22. Albert Cummings-Your Own Way
  23. Janiva Magness-A Man Size Job
  24. Jimmie Vaughan-Hey Yeah
  25. Charlie Musselwhite-Church Is Out
  26. Susan Tedeschi/Derek Trucks-Baby You're Right
  27. Larry Garner-Another Bad Day
  28. Buddy Guy-Mustang Sally
  29. Robert Cray-24-7 Man
  30. Otis Rush-Homework
  31. *Strange Tones-Something Stinks
  32. Taj Mahal-Lovin' In My Baby's Eyes
  33. Stevie Ray Vaughan-Look At Little Sister
  34. +Maurizio Pugno/Sugar Ray Norcia-Fine Long Legs
Any CDs that you wish to submit may be mailed to
Breakfast With Blues
1574 Coburg Rd - PMB 237
Eugene, OR 97401

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