Sunday, June 8, 2008

KRVM Breakfast With The Blues Play List Sunday 6-8-08

Themes...started with a 5 tune set of Howling Wolf...played a birthday tune for Boz Scaggs and 5 tunes for a James Harman birthday tribute...Harman 62 and Scaggs 64! Happy Birthday guys! I also played some tunes that I received from a friend that contacted me through MySpace...he lent me a ton of CDs of great music...mostly the lesser known players! Thanks Mike! I also threw in a set of Curtis Salgado stuff...with the Legendary Revue and the Strangetines plus his own stuff! Played 56 tunes.
We now have links to all seven BWTB DJs play lists. The links are on both the BWTB web site and the BWTB MySpace page and from mine you can access all the rest.
Here is the play list for Breakfast With The Blues show for Sunday (7AM until 11AM Pacific time) June 1, 2008. The BWTB show is broadcast by KRVM (Eugene, Oregon USA) and features 20 hours of blues programming a week. Our triple-A (8AM 5 PM) format now features at least one blues song an hour. I am also a member of the Rainy Day Blues Society. Links below. Stop by and check it out.
Our internet stream remains off. The WORD is that we can expect it back shortly!! This is GOOD News!
Constructive criticism accepted. Suggestions accepted. Compliments very much accepted! ;-)

* Indicates performing in the area soon.
% Indicates a requested song.
+ Indicates new to the station within the last five months.

I would like to thank all of the performers and record companies
that have sent CDs to the station...WOW!! Keep'em coming.
Information at the bottom of this post.
  1. Howling Wolf-Going Down Slow
  2. Howling Wolf-Moaning At Midnight
  3. Howling Wolf-Tail Dragger
  4. Howling Wolf-Sweet Woman
  5. Howling Wolf-Smokestack Lighning
  6. Otis Rush-Laughin' And Clownin'
  7. Valerie Wellington-Million Dollar Secret
  8. Jimmy Johnson-Cold Cold Feeling
  9. Big Mama Thornton-Big Mama's Blues
  10. Earl Hooker/Carey Bell-Little Carey's Jump
  11. Koko Taylor-I Don't Care Who Knows
  12. +Sweet Betty-Pass It On Down
  13. Deitra Farr-Bad Company
  14. Big Maybelle-That's A Pretty Good Love
  15. James Harman-Piecework Politicians
  16. Boz Scaggs-Early In The Morning
  17. +Reba Russell-Rivertown
  18. +Ladies Sing the Blues-Cold Pizza and Wam Beer
  19. +Mannish Boyes-Something's Wrong
  20. +Markus James-Are You Rady
  21. Richard Ray Farrell & Marco Pandolfi-Honey Babe
  22. +*Morlenad & Arbuckle-Gonna Send You Back To Georgia
  23. Richard Johnston-That's No Way To Get Along
  24. Jesse Mae Hemphill-Standing In The Doorway Crying
  25. RL Burnside-It's Bad You Know
  26. +Charlie Musselwhite-Blues Overtook Me
  27. Mark Hummel-Creeper Returns
  28. James Harman-Too Right To Run
  29. +Maria Aurigema-Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean
  30. +JW Jones-Wasted Life
  31. +Anni Piper-Live To Play
  32. +Pinetop Perkins-Got My Mojo Workin'
  33. +Joe Moss Band-Big Leg Woman
  34. Rusty Zinn-Best Of Luck Baby
  35. Tom Holland & The Shufflekings-Don't Know Why I Love You
  36. +Legendary Rhythm & Blues Revue-If It Ain't Me
  37. Strange Tones-Momma Makes More
  38. Curtis Salgado-Cookie Dough
  39. Curtis Salgado-Funny Man
  40. Mavis Staples-99 and 1/2
  41. Mighty Mo Rogers-The Blues Is My Wailing Wall
  42. James Harman-It's Yo' World
  43. +Barbara Healy/Deb Cleveland-Velvet Soul Swing
  44. +Kenny Neal-Bleeding Heart
  45. +Clarence Spady-Won't Be This Way Always
  46. +Teeny Tucker-Hound Dog
  47. Paul deLay-Chalk and Roll
  48. +HomeMade Jamz Blues Band-Time For A Change
  49. +Delta Highway-Got To Be On My Way
  50. +Sean Costello-Going Home
  51. +Janiva Magness-That's What Love Will Make You Do
  52. +Julian Fauth-Cubist Blues
  53. +James Hunter-Strange But True
  54. +Kelley Hunt-Wig Chalet
  55. James Harman-I Got So Many Womens
  56. James Harman-Decisions
Any CDs that you wish to submit may be mailed to
Breakfast With Blues
1574 Coburg Rd - PMB 237
Eugene, OR 97401

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