Monday, July 21, 2008

KRVM's BWTB Play List Sunday 7-20-08

Themes...well...started the show off with over an hour of Pacific NorethWest players...did a four song Janiva Magness set where on three of the tunes she is the guest artist...also did a long automobile/road/driving set. Played 55 tunes.
We now have links to all seven BWTB DJs play lists. The links are on both the BWTB web site and the BWTB MySpace page and from mine you can access all the rest.
The Sunday BWTB show is broadcast by KRVM (Eugene, Oregon USA) from 7 AM until 11 AM. KRVM has BWTB every day of the week for a total of 20 hours of blues programming. Our triple-A (8 AM 5 PM) format now features about one blues song an hour. I am also a member of the Rainy Day Blues Society. Links below. Stop by and check it out.
Our internet stream remains off. The WORD is that we can expect it back shortly!! This is GOOD News!
Constructive criticism accepted. Suggestions accepted. Compliments very much accepted! ;-)

* Indicates performing in the area soon.
% Indicates a requested song.
+ Indicates new to the station within the last five months.

I would like to thank all of the performers and record companies
that have sent CDs to the station...WOW!! Keep'em coming.
Information at the bottom of this post.
  1. *+Henry Cooper-Death Jacket Blues
  2. *Bill Rhoades & the Party Kings-Temperature 110
  3. *Lloyd Jones-Big Ol Shirt
  4. Michael Osborn-Don't You Do That Way
  5. *+Strange Tones-Kathryn's Style
  6. Duffy Bishop-Chord With Me henry
  7. Kevin Selfe-Messing With A Lion
  8. *Henry Cooper-Don't Want To Move
  9. Franck Goldwasser-Bluju
  10. Norm Sylvester band-Too Happy To Sing The Blues
  11. *+Boyes/Brill/DelGrosso-Homegrown Sin
  12. Kinzel & Hyde-Hubcap Hula
  13. *Henry Cooper-Lovin' The Life Your Livin'
  14. *Bill Rhoades-Voodoo Lovin'
  15. Paul DeLay-Ocean Of Tears
  16. Ana Popovic-Navajo Moon
  17. Arsen Shomakhov-You're The One
  18. +Gary Allegretto/Janiva Magness-Four Days Late
  19. Kid Ramos/Janiva Magness-I Don't Believe
  20. Kirk Fletcher/Janiva Magness-Little By Little
  21. +Janiva Magness-Get It Get It
  22. Kenny Wayne Shepherd/John Dee Holeman-Chapel Hill Boogie
  23. +John Fohl-High and Lonsome Clouds
  24. +Ray Bonneville-Cemetery Road
  25. +Al Rivers-Country Girl
  26. Kenny Way Shepherd/Cootie Stark/Neal Big Daddy Pattman-Prison Blues
  27. Paul Rishell/Annie Raines-Got To Fly
  28. Larry Garner-Slower Traffic Keep Right
  29. +Super Chikan-Love Cruiser
  30. Sue Foley-New Used Car
  31. +Morgan Davis-Driving The Backroads
  32. Watermelon Slim-Truck Driving Mama
  33. Michelle Willson-In The Driver's Seat
  34. Johnny Winter-Master Mechanic
  35. Johnny Drummer-I'm Gonna Trade My Cadillac and Buy Myself A Mule
  36. +Mannish Boys-These Kinds Of Blues
  37. +Clarence Spady-Candy
  38. +Steve Guyger-School Is Over
  39. +*Curtis Salgado-20 Years Of BB King
  40. +*Ty Curtis Band-Coming Back Baby
  41. +Jackie Payne/Steve Edmondson band-No Money No Honey
  42. +Robin Rogers-Color Blind Angel
  43. +Catherine Russell-I Got That Thing
  44. +Jerry Zybach-Devil On Her Tongue
  45. Diana Braithwaite/Chris Whiteley-Leaving It All Behind
  46. +Al Rivers-A Perfect Picture Of The Blues
  47. +Marcia Ball-Party Town
  48. +Vince Agwana-Bottle
  49. +Joe Moss Band-Fire And Water
  50. +Legendary Rhythm & Blues Revue-Can't You See
  51. *Susan Tedeschi-Rock Me Right
  52. *Susan Tedeschi-Tired Of My Tears
  53. *Susan Tedeschi/Derek Trucks-Baby You're Right
  54. Tab Benoit-Sac-Au-Lait Fishing
  55. +Tab Benoit-Night Train
Any CDs that you wish to submit may be mailed to
Breakfast With Blues
1574 Coburg Rd - PMB 237
Eugene, OR 97401

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