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KRVM's Breakfast With The Blues Play List-Sunday June 26th, 2011

Themes…I had Greg Johnson, President of the Cascade Blues Association in studio to talk about the Portland Waterfront Blues festival, the CBA’s Journey To Memphis competition, blues and the CBA’s new CD release Puddletown Blues Volume 1. He also selected the music for the last two hours of the show…he locked me in a closet and wouldn’t let me back in!! ;-) This is a great CD and will be available at the CBA’s web site later this week. I am proud to say that BWTB was the first radio station to play the new CD! Played 50 tunes.

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I have found this to be a mighty fine is quick and easy and allows you to "search" stations easily.

* Indicates performing in the area soon.
+ Indicates new to the station within the last five months.

Sunday June 26th, 2011
1) BB King-Chains And Things-Greatest Hits
2) Otis Rush-I Miss You So-Lost In The Blues
3) Jimmy Johnson-When My First Wife Quit Me-Bar Room Preacher
4) Junior Wells-Ships On The Ocean-Hoodoo Man Blues
5) Sunnyland Slim-Baby how Long-Slim’s Shout
6) Billy Boy Arnold-I Wish You Would-Back Where I Belong
7) Jimmy Rogers-Walking By myself-Chicago Bound
8) *Buddy Guy/Keith Richards-The Price You Gotta Pay-Can’t Quit The Blues
9) Michelle Willson-Corazon De Hielo-Tryin’ To Make A Little Love
10) +Gina Sicilia-Wish The Clock Would Stop-Can’t Control Myself
11) Shakura S’Aida-Walk Out That Door-Brown Sugar
12) +Tracy Nelson-Stranger In My Own Town-Victim Of the Blues
13) Ana Popovic-How’d You Learn To Shake It Like that-Still Making History
14) Thorbjorn Risager-You Walked Right In-Track Record
15) +Robin Banks-Lover Man-Deeply Rooted
16) Albert Cummings-Your Own Way-Feel So Good
17) +Tommy Castro-Painkiller-Tommy Castro Present The Legendary Rhythm And Blues Revue
18) +*Robert Cray Band-That’s What Keeps Me Rockin’-Cookin’ In Mobile
19) *Fiona Boyes And The Lucky 13/Marcia Ball-Celebrate the Curves-Lucky 13
20) *Ty Curtis Band-Cryin’ the Blues-Cross That Line
21) *James Harman-Too Right To Run-Black And White
22) +Marcia Ball-Mule Headed Man-Roadside Attractions
23) +Greg Nagy-Pack it Up-Fell Toward None
24) *Eden brent-Someone to Love-Ain’t Got No Troubles
25) +Earl Thomas-One Monkey Don’t Stop the Show-Introducing The Blues Ambassadors
26) Tad Robinson-Turn to the Music-Back In Style
27) Johnny Adams-My Heart is Hangin’ Heavy-The Great Johnny Adams Blues Album
28) +Paul Delay/Duffy Bishop-I’ve Got You-Puddletown Blues Vol 1
29) +JP Soars-Hot Little Woman-More Bees With Honey
30) +Hawkeye Herman-Give Me A Grandma Every Time- Puddletown Blues Vol 1
31) +Sven Zetterberg-Plenty Of Everything
32) +Sonny Moorman Group-Remembering Cal
33) +Kevin Selfe-Moving Day Blues-Puddletown Blues Vol 1
34) +Cedric Burnside-Quicksand
35) Peter Parcek-Evolution
36) +*Strange Tones-Overdrawn- Puddletown Blues Vol 1
37) +Victor Wainwright-Little Ole Shack-Lit Up
38) +George Schroeter/Marc Breitfelder-Talk To Me
39) *Broh Taylor Band-Black Cat Bone-Whose Shoes
40) +*Robbie Laws Band-Texas Crude- Puddletown Blues Vol 1
41) +*Madman Sam-Meanest Girl In Town-Nothing In The Clouds But Rain
42) +*Lady A Band-Still Leaving
43) +*Terry Robb-Idle Moments- Puddletown Blues Vol 1
44) +Brandon Santini-Leaving new York
45) +Lisa Mann-Stack-O-Lee- Puddletown Blues Vol 1

My play list blog is here with a bunch of pictures to go along with it. I report to Living Blues.

The Sunday BWTB show is broadcast by KRVM (Eugene, Oregon USA) from 7 AM until 11 AM. KRVM has BWTB every day of the week for a total of 20 hours of blues programming. Our triple-A (8 AM 5 PM) format now features about one blues song an hour. I am also a member of the Rainy Day Blues Society. Links below. Stop by and check it out.

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